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:: When it rains... war still goes on
Posted On: September 24, 2009 By Apollo

The War Doesnt just end even in worst weather, in fact... some of the maps will have such weather conditions and they will influence visibility (not in this video) and anything else we can think of.

Also another big tank is show cased for its main ability even tho Nexus AI puts somewhat quick stop to its menace ;)

Plan was to be 3 parter but technical issues cut it short but enjoy regardless.

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:: Happy New Year 2009!
Posted On: January 1, 2009 By Apollo

Hope you all had nice christmas and as start of the new year, here is little RS update videos wise which you can youtube watch or download.

Posted Image

so without further bullshit, videos:

Youtube SuperCharged Part1 or Download SuperCharged Part1

Youtube SuperCharged Part2 or Download SuperCharged Part2

Youtube SuperCharged Part3 or Download SuperCharged Part3

Youtube SuperCharged Part4 or Download SuperCharged Part4

note, DL links may go inactive if traffic is too high plus server move expected.

as for announcement, 2009 marks the coming of developer betas since sadly, mod is not ready for proper release so weekly basis 2 or more people are invited of the most active fans/involved so stay tuned for its launch and no, going spam forums and such now is pointless, those who have been active etc are noted for this already. :p

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:: Riddle is out and more...
Posted On: August 10, 2008 By Apollo
Posted Image

Hey all, RS is back with another update showcasing latest developments and additions and the riddle given earlier meant return of the Shredder and check video of it in YouTube

and then the first ever complete match game as Freedom League, comes in 4 video parts so enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 finale

and finally I put up some pictures in this Thread at the forums

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:: Legion Fun :p
Posted On: June 1, 2008 By Apollo
Hey all! long overdue update is finally here and its about AL showcasing some newer developments :wub:

next in pipeline for coming news is to showcase remaining special osiris units and show the remaining trump cards of FL.

Oh just for record, this is pretty WIP and units in question aren't quite standard fare things so witness the AL Might at best :thumbsupsmiley:

so part 1 Exodus pt.1 youtube

and part 2 Exodus pt.2 youtube

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:: Do robots feel cold?...
Posted On: March 18, 2008 By Apollo
Posted Image

Showing off the 2.0 Ice/Cryo Tank (thx Tony for vxl!) with its cool ice ray and with this update are 3 all new videos!

Ice Tank in action video

Nexus Tactics addons in 2.0 showing a bit of how nexus has evolved ;)

and finally

AI Wars, more of a little observation video of how AIs battle it out with Nexus being more aggressive in this game.

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